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The Best Interest ยป Investing & Retirement

Investing & Retirement

Should you be hand-picking stocks? Timing the market? Or taking the “lazy portfolio” way out?

Investing and Retirement are complicated and consequential topics. The articles below address these complex ideas.

I hope you enjoy them! And let me know what other questions you’d like me to dig into.

Portfolios Are Up How Much?!?!

The past four months are a terrific reminder that most of the time, your investment portfolio progresses upward, and does so quietly. The economy is not the market. The news is not the market. If you allow headlines to inform your investment decisions, you’ll quietly lose out on double-digit gains.

Don’t Be A Dummy. Be A Chicken.

Most good habits don’t have a “set it and forget it” solution. They take work. But investors have it easy. Unless, that is, you’re being a dummy.

Room For Error

What one famous writer, two famous investors, and a pack of famous dogs can teach us about avoiding big mistakes.

Roth is Better Than Traditional?

Readers had some awesome questions after my recent post about after-tax returns. Including, “So Roth is better than Traditional, right?”