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Episode 17: Inflation – Should You Be Worried?

Episode 16: Retire at 35 with Steve Adcock

Episode 15: YouTube and Bitcoin with “Your Friend Andy”

Episode 14: Explaining the GameStop Short Squeeze

Episode 13: Changing with World with Fiona, the “Millennial Money Woman”

Episode 12: A Chat with Kat Rucker of Rucker Sales Consulting. (a cool example of geo-arbitrage)

Episode 11: Justin Nacpil of the Road to Wealth Podcast

Episode 10: An Interview with Brandon-Richard Austin of Rinkydoo Finance

Episode 9: The Biggest Lesson from COVID-19

Episode 8: Birthday Lessons, Roth vs. Traditional, and Those Damn Fees!

Episode 7: A Deep Dive with “5 A.M. Joel”

Episode 6: Optimism, Pessimism, and NFT‪s‬

Episode 5: Buffett’s Letter, and Investing with Savings?

Episode 4: “Buy the Dip!” and Hyperinflation

Episode 3: Personal Finance Unknowns, and CAPM

Episode 2: Long Term Investing Takes Faith!

Episode 1: Improve Your Finances