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The Best Interest Podcast

Why is personal finance so complicated? Even worse, the Internet is full of personal finance “experts” providing short-sighted, error-prone, and outright bad financial advice. 

Jesse Cramer has a knack for using everyday experiences to make personal finance accessible for the average investor. His extensive research coupled with skilled narrative makes personal finance actually enjoyable. By day, Jesse works for a fiduciary wealth management firm in Rochester, NY. By night, he runs The Best Interest – nominated in 2022 for “Personal Finance Blog of the Year.” 

The Best Interest simplifies personal finance and investing to make your life easier, smarter…and a little richer, too. Come invest in knowledge with The Best Interest.

About Jesse…

Hey! I’m Jesse Cramer, the creator of The Best Interest.

I started The Best Interest in 2018. I was a mechanical engineer by day, working on satellite telescopes. But my passion was to help people improve their personal finances.

I began writing to “learn in public,” to help people, and to add genuine signal to an otherwise noisy Internet.

Fast forward to now. So much has changed. …read more