Hey! I’m Jesse Cramer, the creator of The Best Interest.


I started The Best Interest in 2018. I was a mechanical engineer by day, working on satellite telescopes. But my passion was to help people improve their personal finances.


I began writing to "learn in public," to help people, and to add genuine signal to an otherwise noisy Internet.

Fast forward to now. So much has changed.  


  • - I’ve written 600K+ words online, including in CNBC, MSN, the Motley Fool, Yahoo Finance, and more.
  • - More than 500K people have read or listened to my work. 
  • - I create a book and asked 30 personal finance experts to write one chapter each. 
  • - And I left my engineering job. I now work for a fiduciary wealth management firm with one important goal: helping people achieve their financial goals.

How The Best Interest Will Help You

Ben Franklin wrote, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” (Yes – that’s how I got the blog’s name!)  


I believe in those words. If you invest in knowledge, you'll receive an unbelievable return on investment.


The Best Interest will help you by covering ideas like:


- Risk and reward

  • - Financial markets
  • - Investor psychology
  • - Personal finance basics
  • - Increasing your long-term wealth
  • - And much more


I’m just a guy with a keyboard. Nothing fancy.


But The Best Interest has helped thousands of people.


And it might help you too.


Thanks for stopping by and let me know how I can help you.



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