How Many Budget Categories Should You Have?

One of the core tenets of financial literacy is keeping a tidy budget. But a common question in creating a budget is how many budget categories are required?

Rules, Dave Ramsey, and the Sith


Rules. Should we make them absolute (like a Sith lord)?!? Or do we allow for exceptions, even against people’s best interests.

When In Doubt, Zoom Out

zoom out

Current 1-year stock market returns look amazing. Who would choose any alternative investing strategy when their current method has granted them 40%, 50%, or higher 1-year returns? We need to zoom out.

Silver: A Golden Opportunity

silver gold

Take your gold-plated jewelry to the pawn shop, and dump your portfolio into silver dollars. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

31 Lessons from 31 Years

Let’s get the lame stuff out of the way. I turn 31 on Monday. Yippee! Last year, I wrote about the amazing growth that can occur in a single decade. Here’s that article: A Lot Can Change in Ten Years.…

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