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Overconfidence in Investing

It takes confidence to take action. Investing is risk, and risk is scary. But overconfidence leads to too much action and screws it all up.

An Inferno of Compound Interest

The best time to extinguish a fire is at the start. Stop the compound spread as early as possible and prevent an inferno. Investing is the opposite. Interrupt your compounding as little as possible. Let your “inferno” grow and grow and grow.

The Hidden Benefit of Saving Money

Saving money is a no-brainer. Its benefit is obvious. You have more money! Your bank account grows. Your 401(k) grows. You can retire (potentially early) and do fun things with the savings you’ve built up over time.

But there’s a second, hidden benefit to saving money.

Silicon Valley Bank 101

What happened – and is happening – at Silicon Valley Bank? Do you need to be worried about another financial crisis?

The McDonald’s Test

The McDonald’s Test is a simple way to ask yourself: am I *really* enjoying the fruits of my labor? Or is this one Big Mac too many…