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Room For Error

What one famous writer, two famous investors, and a pack of famous dogs can teach us about avoiding big mistakes.

Roth is Better Than Traditional?

Readers had some awesome questions after my recent post about after-tax returns. Including, “So Roth is better than Traditional, right?”

Of Mopeds and Murmurations

The traffic flow in Hanoi is an insane Wild West. But here’s a financial idea much easier than walking out in front of traffic…

Why I’m Quitting Social Media

At it’s heart, this is a personal finance article. Because our main resource in life is not money; it’s time. And I want to reclaim my time. So let’s dive into my reasons for quitting social media.


Some jumps are so high – and potentially devastating – that insurance provides a true de-risking. Other jumps are so shallow that we can “insure” them using our emergency fund and monthly cash flow.