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Chasing the Fad

Fads come and go, whether we follow them or not. And you never have to follow them!

Order Up

A fun foray into breakfast, cleaning, thermodynamics, and finance.

Teachers Are Getting Taken Advantage Of

Educators are getting taken advantage of. They have amazing benefits, like summers off and pensions. But their investing world is the opposite of amazing. It’s infamously predatory. Their 403b programs introduce them to suboptimal advisors who too often guide teachers into poor investments.

Selling and Surviving

“Jesse – I don’t understand why you hold bonds. I don’t know why anyone holds bonds. Can you explain the “problem” with a 100% stock portfolio?”

Golfers Are Investors

I’ve been playing a little golf in my own life, and I had a small epiphany after my latest adventure chasing balls through the woods: golf and financial literacy are basically the same.

Bucket Your Money

An easy way to level up your finances is to bucket your money. It’s a mental accounting trick that helps both your objective financial plan and your subjective financial mindset.