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The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Personal finance is, ultimately, about allocating the limited resources in our lives. No resource is so limited, and thus so important, as our time. The list below is an important reminder of that.

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Money is Fungible

If you don’t understand how money is fungible, you’re setting yourself up for future personal finance mistakes.

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The Needle in the Haystack

The stock market has few needles. Missing out on them negates the purpose of stock investing in the first place. Your best bet – literally – is buying the whole haystack.

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How Long Will You Live?

Most people don’t understand life expectancy data…which means they don’t understand the fundamental aspect of retirement planning.

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Capital Gains Taxes 101

Capital gains taxes are a bit dry…but important to understand! Let’s cover the basics and correct the common misconceptions.