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Discipline and Focus

I am amazed (but mostly frustrated) at my ability to do childish things. Too many cookies. Too much TV. Not enough exercise. You get it. And you’re probably in the same boat. But I know human brains—your brain, my brain—can change. They can improve, whether in finances, diet, exercise, or another arena.

Streaks and Skill

My thoughts on investing have shifted over the years. New ideas consistently challenge me and force me to question my assumptions. The biggest: is there skill in investing?

“You Just Go”

When you get the opportunity to see your best friends and family, you don’t want to miss it. You don’t want to miss them. You just go.

It Feels Bad

The economic world feels bad right now. But times like these—and your reactions to them—make all the difference.

Dumb Luck

There are exactly two things that determine how our lives turn out…

11 Basic Financial Tips to Get You Started

I get it. Some of you are here for the basics. My forays into niche topics don’t interest you. Stablecoins? Market psychology? Dividend stocks? Who cares?! So here are the 11 basic financial tips to get you started.