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Jesse Cramer

Jesse Cramer created The Best Interest to explain personal finance and investing in simple terms. His writing has been featured by CNBC, MSN, The Motley Fool, and other national publications. He resides in Rochester, NY with his wife and their dog, where he works in wealth management. Follow Jesse on Twitter: @BestInterest_JC

The Hidden Benefit of Saving Money

Saving money is a no-brainer. Its benefit is obvious. You have more money! Your bank account grows. Your 401(k) grows. You can retire (potentially early) and do fun things with the savings you’ve built up over time.

But there’s a second, hidden benefit to saving money.

The McDonald’s Test

The McDonald’s Test is a simple way to ask yourself: am I *really* enjoying the fruits of my labor? Or is this one Big Mac too many…

Portfolios Are Up How Much?!?!

The past four months are a terrific reminder that most of the time, your investment portfolio progresses upward, and does so quietly. The economy is not the market. The news is not the market. If you allow headlines to inform your investment decisions, you’ll quietly lose out on double-digit gains.

The Investor Who Died In a Vat of Hot Beer

Samuel Bolton Jr. was a successful businessman, brewer, politician, and philanthropist in Troy, NY in the late 1800s. Why, then, did Bolton kill himself by diving into a vat of hot beer?