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Jesse Cramer

Jesse Cramer created The Best Interest to explain personal finance and investing in simple terms. His writing has been featured by CNBC, MSN, The Motley Fool, and other national publications. He resides in Rochester, NY with his fiancee and their dog, where he works in wealth management. Follow Jesse on Twitter: @BestInterest_JC

Room For Error

What one famous writer, two famous investors, and a pack of famous dogs can teach us about avoiding big mistakes.

Roth is Better Than Traditional?

Readers had some awesome questions after my recent post about after-tax returns. Including, “So Roth is better than Traditional, right?”

Of Mopeds and Murmurations

The traffic flow in Hanoi is an insane Wild West. But here’s a financial idea much easier than walking out in front of traffic…

Why I’m Quitting Social Media

At it’s heart, this is a personal finance article. Because our main resource in life is not money; it’s time. And I want to reclaim my time. So let’s dive into my reasons for quitting social media.


Some jumps are so high – and potentially devastating – that insurance provides a true de-risking. Other jumps are so shallow that we can “insure” them using our emergency fund and monthly cash flow.