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There's something special about books. 

Here are some of my favorite personal finance and investing titles...

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Great Starter Books

The Simple Path to Wealth

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Taking Stock

The Psychology of Money

Keys to a Successful Retirement

Your Money or Your Life

The Millionaire Next Door

Die With Zero

More Advanced and Specialized Books

Just Keep Buying

The Intelligent Investor

The Boglehead's Guide to Investing

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

More Than You Know

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

The Four Pillars of Investing

The Opposite of Spoiled


My friend Andy Hill (here on Episode 66 of The Best Interest Podcast) published a family-oriented course to help beginners get their finances on track. 

I think it's a terrific resource.

Below, find both a free sample lesson from Andy, and a link to the full course. 

Here's a Free Lesson!

Here's the Full Course!


Bank accounts serve two main functions: 

1) an account you use for regular spending, preferably with local branches

2) a bank with high-yield savings to keep your large cash savings at. 

I use a local credit union for #1

And I use Ally and Flourish for #2

Ally Bank



I love YNAB

It's detailed and requires your effort to make it work. 

But it's so valuable if you use it correctly. 

Get 2 free months by using the link below.

You Need a Budget - YNAB

Investing Brokerages

There's a "Big 3" of brokerages. If you want to invest, it's hard to go wrong making a choice from these 3. 

- Fidelity: I use this for my money. Low fees, great website. 

- Vanguard: the OG of index funds. Client-owned. But the website is a bit clunky. 

- Schwab: low fees, good user experience, lots of bells and whistles




I read and listen to dozens of articles and podcast episodes every week.

Here are my favorites:


A Wealth of Common Sense

 Collaborative Fund

Of Dollars and Data

Fortunes & Frictions

Humble Dollar


And of course:  The Best Interest!

And Podcasts

Animal Spirits


Stacking Benjamins

How To Money

The Struggle is Real

The Best Interest Pod

The Trusted Partner Pod

The Long Term Investor

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