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While I love blogs and podcasts, there's something special about books. 

Here are some of my favorite personal finance and investing titles...

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Great Starter Books

More Advanced and Specialized Books


Bank accounts need to serve two main functions: 

1) an account you use for regular spending, preferably with local branches

2) a bank with high-yield savings to keep your large cash savings at. 

I use a local credit union for #1

And I use Ally and Flourish for #2


I love YNAB

It's detailed and requires your effort to make it work. 

But it's so valuable if you use it correctly. 

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You Need a Budget - YNAB

Investing Brokerages

There's a "Big 3" of brokerages. If you want to invest, it's hard to go wrong making a choice from these 3. 

- Fidelity: I use this for my money. Low fees, great website. 

- Vanguard: the OG of index funds. Client-owned. But the website is a bit clunky. 

- Schwab: low fees, good user experience, lots of bells and whistles

I read dozens of articles and listen to 5+ podcast episodes every week.

Here are my favorite:


And of course:  The Best Interest!

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