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What's the fulfillment curve
simple responsibilities
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Simple Responsibilities

Some weeks are full of MATLAB, market economics, and compounding (and confounding) math. But this week, let’s change it up. I’m going to put the 401(k) on the back burner,…

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Updated Trinity Study
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The Updated Trinity Study Simulation

Using Wade Pfau’s data, predictions of the future, and consumption smoothing, we’re creating an updated Trinity Study to use for our retirement planning.

stock market success luck skill
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Stock Market Success: Luck or Skill?

You’ll be surprised by the recent results of the Best Interest Stock Picking Competition. Was the stock market success just luck?

Explain the Big Short
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To explain the Big Short and the 2008 Crisis

Have you seen the movie, read the book, lived through the crisis…but still need someone to explain the Big Short? Look no further!

Memento mori
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Memento Mori

The point of ‘memento mori’ isn’t to cause fear or to be morbid. It’s not a downer. It’s motivation, and inspiration, and a gentle, true reminder of what’s coming.

Philosophical Musings


Hoping to develop new behavior, but finding it hard to stick to a good habit? The problem is adherence. But you can change it for the better!

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Risk Posture

“If I compared 1000 401(k) maximizers against 1000 degenerate gamblers, which group would have a better financial outcomes?”

Their risk posture is key.

basic finance plots
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Basic finance plots: from ‘random walk’ to retirement

Math is the language of the universe. And plots help visualize math.
Today, I present five important plots to explain personal finance basics.