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Wow! Jesse, I really enjoyed reading your blog on "meritocracy"; I stumbled upon it when I was reading another one of your articles (I'll finish reading that when I'm done here :)

Thank you for writing this...it made my day!

The article: Jeff Bezos and the Meritocracy Kings

Robin S. Robin S. Saskatchawan, Canada

Been a follower of the blog for a while, now I’m looking forward to more color commentary on the post content. Great first few podcast eps! Cheers Jesse, big fan.

JoelJoelLos Angeles

Accessible/easy to follow guidance and a voice like butter.

Check it out: The Best Interest Podcast

BagginzzBagginzzNew York City (and Middle Earth)

Jesse – Thank you for all the data and analysis of the vehicle ownership lifecycle (new,used,lease/buy, etc.).

It is extremely helpful for everyone!

The article: The True Cost of Car Ownership

Ed BurkeEd Burke

Having read many explanations full of complex jargon, I stumbled across your very clear, yet detailed, blog.

Thank you for making these complicated ideas make a large amount of sense!

The article: Explaining the Big Short and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Orlando AlexanderOrlando AlexanderNYC

Best article I’ve read to date on Bitcoin! As a retired banker I’ve been trying to understand this and your article helped a lot. 

The article: Explaining Bitcoin in Simple Terms

Sheryl NelsonSheryl NelsonMinnesota

Omg, you’re such a nerd. That’s probably why I enjoy your articles so much. Haha

It’s a little early, but I want to be the first to say May the 4th be with you.

The article: Rules, Dave Ramsey, and the Sith

Jay RiglerJay RiglerExcellent Blogger @ Practically Independent / Boise, Idaho

This post is my favorite so far.

Congrats on the Motley Fool recognition!

Well earned.

The article: 7 of My Money Mistakes (and the Lessons Learned)

Craig GingerichCraig GingerichCFP, AIF, CHSA - Rochester, NY

Thanks for my new word of the day! (Actually two Ergodic, Non-Ergodic)

I saw the foreshadowing of the annuity coming. Really liked your Don’t shoot he messenger comment right afterwards, you were reading my mind.

Great Blog post really enjoy reading them.

The article: Ergodcity – The Coolest Idea You’ve Never Heard Of

TechTechMost Valuable Reader from Parts Unknown

Thanks for sharing the calculator, Jesse! Tremendous effort! Like you’ve mentioned, it’s important to think about retirement goals every year. 

The article: Your Retirement Savings Goal for 2021

Iris BlackIris BlackGenerous Hero

Great summary Jesse! This is a good primer for what’s going on with $GME for folks only vaguely familiar. I sent it over to my buddy who was asking questions. I appreciate how we’re often on the same page with different topics.

The article: Explaining the GameStop Short Squeeze

ChrisChrisFrom TicTocLife!

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