Personal finance and mental health in 2020

Personal finance and mental health

Diet–check. Exercise–check. What about personal finance and mental health? Two massive ways to have a positive effect on your 2020 year!

Leave bigger tips, for others and yourself

Leave bigger tips

When you leave bigger tips, you make a small sacrifice for another’s bigger gain. When else do we set aside resources for bigger gains? Investing!

Simple Responsibilities

simple responsibilities

Some weeks are full of MATLAB, market economics, and compounding (and confounding) math. But this week, let’s change it up. I’m going to put the 401(k) on the back burner, and instead talk about garbage, green lights, and the simple…

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The Updated Trinity Study Simulation

Updated Trinity Study

Using Wade Pfau’s data, pessimistic predictions of the future, and consumption smoothing, we’re creating an updated Trinity Study to use for potential “worst-case” retirement planning.