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11 Basic Financial Tips to Get You Started

I get it. Some of you are here for the basics. My forays into niche topics don’t interest you. Stablecoins? Market psychology? Dividend stocks? Who cares?! So here are the 11 basic financial tips to get you started.

Cycles of Right and Wrong

Right and wrong are cyclical. For some (me and you) more than others (Warren Buffett). But an ideal portfolio never feels “wrong.”

Bear Markets for Dummies

No, I’m not calling you a dummy. But if you’re panicking about the stock market, here’s the easy primer you need to chill your ass out.

The Wise Man and the Fool

An investment can be wise when you’re the only one who knows about it. But once the whole world is wise to that investment (pun intended)…well, then it’s foolish to invest.