Fyre Fraud: Don’t Be Like Billy

The Fyre fraud of 2017 had some silver linings. Namely, take the organizers’ actions and do the exact opposite of them. Boom–lesson learned.

baby steps

The Power of Baby Steps

The path from helpless baby to world-changing adult is walked via baby steps. Tried-and-true improvement through marginal gains.

no free time

For Folks with no Free Time

If you focus on identifying the best opportunities to affect your personal finance, you can profoundly improve your life without wasting time. And those best opportunities are…?

living on minimum wage

Living on Minimum Wage

I assumed I’d need to “trim some fat,” but that my thrifty budgeting habits would largely be adaptable to a significantly lower income. I was very wrong.


Do you know Dave?

Dave’s a simple guy with an average lifestyle. He’s also in a financial death spiral. Do you know Dave?

financial goals

Simple Financial Goals

Attention is expensive. I won’t waste yours—at least not today. If you meet these ten financial goals, you’ll be better for it. That’s it.

student loan proposal

A Modest Student Loan Proposal

My student loan proposal: if Uncle Sam helps with interest payments, then solving the student loan crisis becomes significantly more attainable.

value of time

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Each hour you work takes away from your free time. How do we change the value of our time as we use more and more of it?