explaining bitcoin in simple terms

Explaining Bitcoin in Simple Terms

Bitcoin might change the future of humanity. Yet nobody understands it. The solution? Explaining Bitcoin in simple terms.

net worth targets by age

Average Net Worth Targets by Age

Are you on track to meet your goals? Understanding your net worth targets by age will help you plan for your (and your loved ones’) future.

personal finance rules of thumb

75 Personal Finance Rules of Thumb

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Personal finance rules of thumb let you apply wisdom from the past to reach quick solutions.

car ownership

The True Cost of Car Ownership

New, used, leasing. Insurance, depreciation, repairs. A fantastic breakdown to explain every aspect of the cost of car ownership.

Fyre Fraud: Don’t Be Like Billy

The Fyre fraud of 2017 had some silver linings. Namely, take the organizers’ actions and do the exact opposite of them. Boom–lesson learned.

baby steps

The Power of Baby Steps

The path from helpless baby to world-changing adult is walked via baby steps. Tried-and-true improvement through marginal gains.