personal finance unknowns

Personal finance unknowns: what you don’t know can hurt you

We all know our rent or car payment or how much we spend on groceries. But it’s the personal finance unknowns that lead to the most negative outcomes.

US debt

What if your debt was like the U.S. debt?

The U.S. is in debt. But to give it perspective, let’s look at how the U.S. debt compares to the mortgages and student loans that you and I hold.

basic finance plots

Basic finance plots: from ‘random walk’ to retirement

Math is the language of the universe. And plots help visualize math.
Today, I present five important plots to explain personal finance basics.

no free time

For Folks with no Free Time

If you focus on identifying the best opportunities to affect your personal finance, you can profoundly improve your life without wasting time. And those best opportunities are…?