Do you know Dave?

Dave’s a simple guy with an average lifestyle. He’s also in a financial death spiral. Do you know Dave?

financial goals

Simple Financial Goals

Attention is expensive. I won’t waste yours—at least not today. If you meet these ten financial goals, you’ll be better for it. That’s it.

student loan proposal

A Modest Student Loan Proposal

My student loan proposal: if Uncle Sam helps with interest payments, then solving the student loan crisis becomes significantly more attainable.

value of time

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Each hour you work takes away from your free time. How do we change the value of our time as we use more and more of it?

what's next

What’s Next?

In times of turmoil, it helps to understand what’s next. Hold on to long-term optimism, but face the present reality one day at a time.

winter emergency fund

A Wintry Emergency Fund Anecdote

We had a chilly experience in winter 2020. But thankfully, our emergency fund helped eliminate any stress from an otherwise bleak scenario.

net worth targets by age

Net Worth Targets by Age

Are you on track to meet your goals? Understanding your net worth targets by age will help you plan for your (and your loved ones’) future.

US debt

What if your debt was like the U.S. debt?

The U.S. is in debt. But to give it perspective, let’s look at how the U.S. debt compares to the mortgages and student loans that you and I hold.