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The Best Interest » The Best of The Best Interest in 2023

The Best of The Best Interest in 2023

If you’re looking for holiday reading or listening, look no further. Follow me as I break down:

  • The most-read articles on The Best Interest in 2023.
  • And the most-listened-to podcast episodes of The Best Interest Podcast in 2023.

The Best of the Blog

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The Best of the Podcast

The Best Interest Podcast is available on all podcast players, including Apple, Spotify, etc.

This year’s best episodes are below (both the episode numbers and titles) so you can find them on your own preferred podcast app.

  • Episode 50, The Banking Collapse in Simple Terms – on the Silicon Valley Bank collapse
  • Episode 54, Choosing FI, with Brad Barrett – on financial independence and the “4% rule”
  • Episode 57, Does the Debt Ceiling Affect Your Finances? – on the Federal debt ceiling, and whether you should care
  • Episode 60, Are You Saving Too Much, with Nick Maggiulli – packed with interesting tips, including Nick’s #1 finance tip (which has nothing to do with money!)
  • Episode 62, The Reality of Retirement Beyond the Numbers, with Fritz Gilbert – a must-listen for retirees
  • Episode 66 – Marriage, Kids, and Money, with Andy Hill – a must-listen for parents
  • Episode 68 – Minimalism: How Much is Enough?, with Rose Lounsbury – how to simplify our spending and our lives
  • Episode 69 – 529 Plans Aren’t Worth It?!, with Sean Mullaney – packed with fantastic tax advice
  • Episode 70 – The 7 Sins of Investing, with Jeremy Schneider – keep your portfolio simple…or else!

Thank you all for the time you’ve spent here in 2023. I couldn’t do this without you. Here’s to more “investing in knowledge” in 2024!

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