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Get Rich Quick™

You need more money. But you have no time. Good news! You’re in the right place – thank God!

We have a perfect solution for you: our new product, Get Rich Quick™.

Get Rich Quick™ is the ultimate panacea. You input no effort. You sacrifice no time. And in return, we’ll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Plus, you’ll save the penguins or feed orphans or something.

Are you going to walk away from this? Are you going to abandon the penguins?

But wait…how does Get Rich Quick™ work?

With Get Rich Quick™, you don’t need to understand how anything works. Trust us. Trust us. Keep your grimy little fingers off the hood.

And definitely don’t ask about who I am. I’m anonymous for a reason. I swear…if you ask me to reveal my identity, the deal’s off, ok?!

Only one detail matters here: you’ll get richquick! (fine – the penguins are the 2nd-most important detail)

Want to be a millionaire overnight? Get Rich Quick™.

Want to “strike gold” in the digital world? Get Rich Quick™

Heck, want to strike gold in the real world? Buy a pickaxe and travel back to 1849!

…using the time machine you’ll buy after you Get Rich Quick™!!

This opportunity won’t last. That’s why Get Rich Quick™ is so appealing. So either Get Rich Quick™ now, or have fun staying poor.

Just send us all the money you have, and within 2-3 days you’ll Get Rich Quick™. We’ll even send you a postcard of your penguin and/or orphan or whatever. Shipping and handling charges may apply.

Get Rich Quick™: the easiest solution to your hardest problems.

Don’t wait. Commit today.

Of Course It Is!

Wait…is this a joke??

Yes. Of course, it is. It’s good for a laugh, but ask yourself:

Are there any “investments” in your world that remind you of Get Rich Quick™?

In the mid-2000s, it was real estate. It was a “can’t lose.” Everyone seemed to be getting rich quick.

In the late 90s, it was .com stocks. Again, labeled as a “can’t lose.” Complete dopes were day-trading…and becoming millionaires!

J.P. Morgan once said, “Nothing so undermines your financial judgment as the sight of your neighbor getting rich.

It’s hard watching your neighbor succeed with Get Rich Quick™, when you just know it’s bullsh**.

I look through my peephole at the investing world, and I see charlatans shilling their version of Get Rich Quick™.

Maybe it’s the latest cryptocurrency project or non-fungible token. It’s a landscape rife for grifters. Maybe it’s a meme stock. GameStop continues to baffle my mind.

GameStop is creating NFTs?! Ughhghghghg.

These are just two low-hanging examples of Get Rich Quick™. There’s no real substance involved. But as Morgan Housel recently pointed out, perhaps the lack of substance doesn’t matter. That’s a scary thought.

What You Can Do…

I hope you’re not a seller of Get Rich Quick™. And I also hope you resist becoming a buyer.

But if someone peddles their scheme to you, it’s buyer beware!

  • Invest in what you know.
  • Invest where you trust. Follow your gut.
  • Know your own risk posture.
  • Diversify your dollars. Avoid too many eggs in one basket.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • And perhaps my favorite…remember that investing is a no called-strike game.


Investing Is A “No Called-Strike Game”

Warren Buffett has famously said that investing is a “no called-strike game.”

Baseball, on the other hand, is a called-strike game. If you don’t swing in baseball, you’re in trouble. You’ll have three strikes called against you and you’ll be called out. Your lack of action robs you of opportunity.

But there are no “called strikes” in investing. You don’t have to invest any of your money. You don’t have to invest in stocks, in bonds, in real estate, in a business…

And you definitely don’t have to invest in Get Rich Quick™.

In investing, you can wait. You aren’t forced to act. Wait for your pitch. Make sure it’s perfect. And then hit your home run.

Let someone else Get Rich Quick™. It’s not for you. It’s for the birds. (And the penguins. And orphans. Or whatever)

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  1. Love the reference to Warren Buffett. Although I do think holding cash can still be a “strike” based on inflation and eroding your spending power. I always think I need my money working for me and not investing is keeping that money on the side lines.

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