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I’m Jesse Cramer. I’m an engineer, a new owner of an old home, and an avid reader/writer.

After a few years unsure where my dollars were going, I discovered some vital stats about personal finance:

  • 95% of personal finance is straightforward
  • 5% of personal finance is complex
  • 100% of personal finance requires a “jungle guide.” You can make it through the jungle on your own, but a guide makes it a heck of a lot easier.

Think of the Best Interest as a jungle guide with your best interests in mind. The best paths through this jungle are well-established. The answers are out there, and most of them are free. If you don’t have the right answers, I hope the Best Interest can help provide them.

Forgive another metaphor here, but I think this story drives the point home:

Recruiting more Best Interest boat-builders

Noah was on his ark, and the rain was pouring down. The valleys were flooded, the peaks were next, and surely most of the beasts had already perished. Noah had prepared for this, and he was safe. But…

Do you think Noah was happy? Do you think he was dancing and celebrating his own position, high and dry? I doubt it.

Instead, Noah was probably wondering what he could have done to convince the others to build their own arks. How could he have spread the word more effectively? Why hadn’t he been able to recruit other boat-builders?

It was a disaster; Noah’s position didn’t change that fact.

Obviously, I’m just a dude who writes about monkeys and Tom Cruise and index funds. But every time a reader tells me that the Best Interest convinced them to maximize their employer’s 401(k) match, I think, “Yes! We’ve got another boat-builder.”

Will you become a boat-builder?

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