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Step 1: Ground Yourself

Starting from nothing? There are four basic steps to improve your personal finances.


These four steps apply to everyone.

Step 2: Create a Net Worth Statement

A net worth statement counts your assets and your debts.


It gives you a baseline from which to set your goals and grow.


Unsure what counts as assets or debts? 

Here’s a list.

Step 3: Create Financial Goals

This roadmap helps, but what’s your destination?


If you want to be better with money, check our  list of ten simple financial goals.


We also have a calculator to help you calculate next year’s savings goal.

Step 4: Become a 'FOO Fighter'

“I’ve got $1000.

What’s the best thing I can do with that money?”


The answer: follow the Financial Order of Operations (the FOO!).


We created a PDF that you can get for free.

Step 5: You Need a Budget

You can’t improve your finances until you know where your money is going.


A budget gives you that info.

How much money comes in, how much goes out.


Here’s how the experts budget.

Step 6: Win the Mental Battle

Improving your finances is a long journey.

You'll need patience.


It’s more about mental habits than about math.

Step 7: Invest

Time to focus on the long-term.


Invest your money and let it grow.


Here’s exactly how I invest and why I make those choices.

Step 8: Keep Learning

Learning is never-ending. We love to explore new ideas.


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