Leave bigger tips

Leave bigger tips, for others and yourself

When you leave bigger tips, you make a small sacrifice for another’s bigger gain. When else do we set aside resources for bigger gains? Investing!

What Is Real Estate Commission?

Agents help their clients navigate the market and find potential buyers, and in return they charge real estate commission fees.

How Swing Trading Can Propel Your Wealth Creation

Editor’s note: Personally, I don’t subscribe to swing trading (instead, this link shows how I invest). But I’m 100% supportive of learning new ideas. In that spirit, Tim Thomas is here today to discuss the advent of swing trading.  —Jesse The…

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Timing the market

Timing the Market: A Loser’s Game

History has shown just how difficult ‘timing the market’ is. So forget about perfect timing, and just stay steady and passive instead.

What's the fulfillment curve

The Fulfillment Curve

There will come a point where more spending does not lead to more happiness, but actually does the exact opposite.

simple responsibilities

Simple Responsibilities

Some weeks are full of MATLAB, market economics, and compounding (and confounding) math. But this week let’s change it up. Let’s put the 401(k) on the back burner and instead talk about garbage, green lights, and the simple responsibilities that…

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