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Look to your right. Now to the left.

What don’t you see?

No Advertising!

That’s right—there are no ads on this website. It looks a little…weird, right? We’ll come back to that…

My goal is to help you lead a more financially successful life. I love doing it. And I’ll continue to do it.

Last year, The Best Interest cost about $5,000 to operate—plus the many hours required to write over 100,000 words of original, helpful articles.

But Why Not Run Ads?!

You’ve been bombarded with Internet advertising for so long it might feel strange to see a website without them. The advertising model of the Internet drives misinformation, clickbait, and fake news. Advertising fights for your limited attention using whatever dirty tactics are necessary. Our monkey brains aren’t wired for it. 

That’s why I don’t advertise on The Best Interest.

I don’t want to write clickbait articles. I doubt you want to read them. I care more about the quality of the information than the quantity of readers who click on the headline to see dumb ads. I hope you care about that too. 

How Can You Support The Best Interest?

Simple. Share this content.

There are a few small ways The Best Interest earns income:

  • Selling the book I put together. Here’s on ebook and here on Amazon.
  • Some affiliate links, only for services I use or books I’ve read.

The more people who read the honest content on The Best Interest, the more honest income will trickle in.

If you like reading these articles and listening to these podcasts, then share them with your friends.