Advisors Monthly

As of December 2021,
Advisors Monthly is CLOSED!

Advisors Monthly was a terrific service with terrific customers.

But with The Best Interest's Jesse Cramer now working for an registered investment advisor in Rochester NY, we closed Advisors Monthly to prevent any conflict of interest. Thanks for your understanding.

For the sake of preservation, we are keeping the informative details below. 

Hey Financial Advisors!

No Time To Write?

No Worries!

You want to stay in front of your clients and prospects, showing your expertise even when not in meetings with them.

Those clients want engaging, informative, and entertaining content on topics that they care about. 

 But you're too busy. Good writing takes time.

Who has an extra 10 hours to write a newsletter?!

Our Advisors Monthly program is the solution!

We'll Write For YOUR Clients

Advisors Monthly writes newsletter content on your behalf, targeted towards normal people who care about their finances. 


We cover topics that are important to your clients:


Investing, personal finance, retirement planning, and the current economy.


We add much-needed context to what they hear in the news.

Advisors Monthly newsletters are written to show your expertise, and we encourage you to claim authorship.


Let us create your content with the same wit and verve that attracts 30,000 monthly readers to

The Best Interest.

Our Products

The Basic Plan

With the Basic Plan at $70 per month, you'll receive:

• (1) newsletter per month (~750-1000 words)

The Professional Plan

With the Professional Plan at $125 per month, you'll receive:

• (2) newsletters per month (~750-1000 words each)

• Unique infographics to share with your clients.

• Access to our complete Archive...all articles from The Best Interest that you can re-publish on your website.


Or sign up for the program below!

Cancel at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Advisors Monthly handle compliance?

Our newsletters are written to be client-facing pieces shared from advisors. We choose topics with typical compliance standards in mind. 


Most advisors will need to have our newsletters screened through their compliance departments, but our content is made to be shared off the shelf.

I can claim authorship?

We encourage you to claim authorship as your own! After all, this is written for your clients. Newsletters are written in the first person (i.e. from your--the advisor's--point of view)

Can I edit the content after receiving it?

Of course! You're welcome to edit the newsletters as you see fit.


In fact, most advisors have found that adding personal touches and local flairs will encourage feedback from their clients.

Can I share the newsletters on my own blog?

Or on my LinkedIn?

These newsletters are meant to be privately shared between you and your clients.

We want to avoid situations where 50 advisors all share the same newsletter on LinkedIn.


(If you want a fully custom and unique newsletter, let us know!) 

Can I share this content with other advisors?

Of course! We'd appreciate you sharing our work. 


However, we ask that each advisor sign up for Advisors Monthly individually before sending our newsletters to clients. Please do not use one account across 20 advisors in your firm.


Of course, that's in our best interest. But it's also in your best interest. It ensures that we have more time and resources to dedicate to the highest quality product.

What's the timing?

When do I receive the newsletter?

For the Basic Plancontent is delivered on the first Friday of each month.


For the Professional Plan, content is delivered on the first and third Fridays of each month. 


Cancel at any time

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