The Biggest Lesson from COVID-19

biggest lesson from COVID-19

Slack. Margin. Room for error. Safety net. Insurance. So many phrases, but they all represent the biggest lesson from COVID-19.

Investing Advice from Senator Burr

investing advice from senator burr

Senator Burr sits down with Jesse and the Best Interest to discuss the tips and tricks leading to his recent stock market success

Silver: The Genius’s Gold

silver gold

Take your gold-plated jewelry to the pawn shop, and dump your portfolio into silver dollars. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

A Lot Can Change in Ten Years

change in ten years

We overestimate the change that occurs in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.

What’s Next?

what's next

In times of turmoil, it helps to understand what’s next. Hold on to long-term optimism, but face the present reality one day at a time.

Viral Stock Market Strategies

stock market strategies

In light of the COVID bear market, we’re taking this week to look at how various “buy the dip” stock market strategies have performed historically.

A Wintry Emergency Fund Anecdote

winter emergency fund

We had a chilly experience in winter 2020. But thankfully, our emergency fund helped eliminate any stress from an otherwise bleak scenario.