An Upstate 
Money Meetup

For personal finance nerds.

To meet, chat, and enjoy each other's company.

June 11, 2023, at 1:00pm
@ Other Half Brewing in Bloomfield, NY


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The rough plan.


Sunday June 11, 2022

at 1pm


Other Half Brewing

6621 State Rte 5 And 20

Bloomfield, NY 14469

What? Who?

A simple afternoon meet-up of people just like you. 


Connecting, talking, and having fun.


Who is this for? 

If you like personal finance so much that you...


--talk to friends and coworkers about it

--read books or blogs about personal finance

--listen to podcasts about personal finance

--follow personal finance creators

--or even create your own content about it


Then this is an event for you! 

What will we do?

Drink good beer. And, most likely, talk about all the cool things we like about personal finance. 

Who is organizing this?

Jesse Cramer. That's me. You're on my website (The Best Interest) that I've been running since late 2018. More here.

Join us!

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