The Book Project

Are You a Money Expert?
And a Content Creator?

Want to Get Published,
Spread Your Brand,
And Earn $100s to $1000s in the Process?

Then Keep Reading...

The Book

I’m putting together a book, and I can't do it without you.

In return, you’ll get branding, get published, get paid. 

I can't guarantee fame and fortune - but it's close ;-) 


This book is inspired by Tim Ferriss’s “Tools of Titans,” but will be focused on financial content.


It’s a curation of the best wisdom from the best financial content creators (that's you!)

50+ ideas from 50+ all-stars, each providing the reader with unique expertise.

But What's In It For the Contributors?

  •  What do you receive for helping out?
  • - Your brand will be exposed to each reader.
  • - Social outreach and promotion – your intro will promote your handles & your projects
  • - A free copy of the final book (that’s a given – it’s your book)
  • - Last but not least...MONEY

Getting Paid

For the first 1000 copies sold:

- Gumroad gets ~4%

  • - Contributors will get a 40% affiliate link. No non-contributor affiliates. 
  • - The remaining 56% is split evenly among contributors
  • - The Best Interest team gets 0%. You get paid first


After 1000 copies sold:

- Gumroad gets 4%

  • - The Best Interest gets 16%
  • - Contributors will get a 40% affiliate link**
  • - The remaining 40% is split evenly among contributors

**Can non-Contributors become affiliates?

At first, no. 

I want you to get a chance to make affiliate sales without outside competition. 


But, if we agree that outside affiliates will help us all get more revenue, I'm open to that idea. In that case...


- Gumroad gets ~4%

  • - Outside affiliates get 50% affiliate link (typical for outside affiliates)
  • - The Best Interest team gets 8%
  • - The remaining 38% is split evenly among contributors


I'm open-minded about this idea. Let me know what you think. 


The first step is easy - let me know that you're interested by filling out this Google Form

But For How Much Work??

  • Writing
  • Each creator will write** ~4 pages (~1000 words) to offer their best wisdom on a specific topic.

    Each creator will have a 50-100 word introduction where they can plug their social handles and their projects.

    Our team will ask you to stay engaged for 1-2 rounds of editing and feedback.

  • **Yes, you can *repurpose* other writing you've done. 
  • As long as you can contribute something fantastic, it can be original or repurposed. 

  • Your hard work is done.

  • We’ll take it from there, assembling the whole book.

  • Selling

    When it comes time to sell, the “work” is up to you.

    We hope you’ll promote the book.

    And use your affiliate link to earn 40% per sale.

    But this “work” is entirely up to you.

  • Is that it?!

    Yes, that's it.

  • You will likely receive $100s to $1000s of dollars for:

    •  - Writing (or repurposing) a ~4-page document about a topic that you’re already an expert on.
    •  - Selling an awesome book that you had a personal role in creating.

    Not bad, right?

Writing Guidance?

Don't worry about the writing yet!

First, I just want to know if you're interested. 


More details are coming. 

But for now...

Overall, the book will be divided into like-minded sections, such as:

  • - Personal Finance Basics 
  • - Making Money 
  • - Traditional Investing 
  • - Alternative Investing 
  • - Retirement Planning 
  • - Money & Children 
  • - Money Psychology 
  • - Money & Relationships
  • - Tips, Tricks, and Rules of Thumb
  • - Popular Debates (2 contributors take opposite sides of an argument)

Have an idea?
Let’s discuss.

On the Google Form...

There's a Google form link below. 

It asks you:


1 - Are you interested in taking part?

2 - What would you want to write about?


We don’t want 8 people writing about the same thing (e.g. “Why You Should Budget”)


Please list multiple potential topics that you can write about—some general, some unique.



  • Budgeting Basics (general)
  • Why YNAB is the Best Budgeting App (specific)
  • The Fundamentals of Index Funds (general)
  • How to Change Your Index Fund Portfolio as You Age (specific)


The first step is easy - let me know that you're interested by filling out this Google Form

Questions? Comments?

Reach out to Jesse!

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