Shares, With Interest (No. 2)

The blogosphere is positively swirling with information. It can be murky. This week in Volume 2 of Shares, with Interest, I try to probe through some of that murk.

I hope you find at least one of these articles helpful in your own personal finance journey.

If you like money and tacos, perhaps you’d like Cash For Tacos. This week,C-4-T writes about something called “the TACO method” for taking control of your money and life. This makes my unpolished philosophy—the QUESADILLA Technique — seem complicated and ridiculous. Quit Using Extra Savings ADumb Impulse Liquidity. Live Affordably.  Stupid, Jesse, just stupid.

Tacos are awesome, but sometimes you just need a quick bite. Semi Retire offers up 29 bite-sized personal finance quotes in this BuzzFeed-y post.

Gary at SuperSavingsTips discusses some common “no-gos” in the workplace. As long as it doesn’t exclude jean shorts, I’m sure it’s a good article.

Money Beagle discusses the financial benefits of the drab spring in Michigan. Rochester, NY empathizes with you!

Considering trading in the stock market? I’m not sure my index-loving brain would recommend it, but Full Time Finance has a basic terminology primer about options trading.

Nathan at Millionaire Dojo karate chops the traditional real estate investment paradigm. Why buy a rental property when you can invest in REITs or crowdfunded real estate funds?

Speaking of karate chops, the Poor Swiss writes about nine essential “weapons” in the financial independence movement. Who knew piggy banks could get so violent?!

Do you have that old RAZR phone from 2004 lying around? You used to be the COOLEST. Brian at Debt Discipline discusses the best ways to convert your old mobile devices into cold hard caaaaash.

Coach Gordon Bombay (I think) discusses FREE MONEY. Get your Financial Ducks in a Row and learn about the possible opportunities that you have to get free money from your employer.

Cash Flop Cop shares an amazing international personal finance story. It spans oceans, generations, and involves a scary volcano eruption. No, it’s not Dante’s Peak!

Don’t let someone else’s outdated definitions cause you distress. ESI Money opines on the definition of retirement in this piece. “Don’t be so dramatic, Chuck. We have alternative facts definitions .”  

I’ll be back soon with some fresh ideas! As always, thanks for reading.

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