Vacation Feedback

The Best Interest is on vacation. So I have three simple ideas if you need your weekly dose of educational financial humor.

Predicting the Future with Startling Accuracy

Christmas in July. Budget. Santa.

Christmas is coming. I know it, you know it, the stock clerks at Target certainly know it. While some people are currently celebrating Christmas in July with sunshine and sandals on, my mind is on Christmas for slightly different reasons. How…

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Slacking Off

We want to be tight, efficient. Why should we waste time on slack?

Confused by Crypto

What’s a Bitcoin? What’s a sh**coin? And is my LEGO necklace a Block Chain?

Shares, with Interest

Hi all, I’m trying something new here. Every week or so, I’m going to share with you some interesting personal finance articles from around the Internet. I know that I can provide the viewpoints of a solitary 29-year-old American engineer,…

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Enjoy the Journey

You get to the goal, and feel…unhappy? It’s got to be about the journey.