How We Started

Step 1 - $50K in debt

That's where Jesse found himself at 24. Unsure what to do about it, he applied some age-old wisdom...


When in doubt: learn

Step 2 - Learn!

He learned and learned. And as he learned, his finances improved.


He wrote to co-workers and friends about what he had learned.


And they suggested, "Jesse, you should share this stuff online."   

Best Interest
Was Born!

Step 3 - Share

Our goal is to ask useful questions about money and share the best answers.


Two years and 250,000 readers later, The Best Interest is now a go-to source for financial literacy content.

The Mission

Our mission is to improve lives by teaching valuable knowledge.

Personal finance and investing are vital and universal topics.

By teaching personal finance and investing, we are improving lives. 

Learn With Us!

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"People Like Us..."

Readers of The Best Interest share a common core of beliefs.


Or in the wise words of Seth Godin:


“People like us do things like this.”

- We’re curious, seeking new ideas

- We’re frugal, since spending ≠ happiness

- We value time. Used wisely, time = growth

- We invest in each other..."a rising tide"

- We’re fun. Life’s too short to not make jokes. 


You're here.

You’re already doing “things like this.”

Thanks for being a part of The Best Interest.

“People like us do things like this.”

The Five Pillars

The Best Interest sits on a sits on a foundation of five core principles.

Ahh yes, the classic five-legged stool!


Personal finance is personal

There are best practices in personal finance.


But they might not be best for you


Money involves math and psychology

Money is all about numbers.

That’s why math is important.


But those numbers elicit feelings in your brain.

Those feelings are unique to you. That’s psychology.


Money isn’t a dirty subject

(I stole this one from my friend Brandon at Rinkydoo Finance... thanks Brandon 🙂)


Western culture treats money as a taboo subject. But healthy conversations about money are important. 


The Best Interest is a place where we’re having those conversations.


Optimize your success-to-stress ratio

Earning money isn't fun if you’re losing sleep over it.


More success.

Less stress.


That’s what The Best Interest’s investment education is all about.


Personal finance isn't rocket science...

...but it does need more good teachers. 


The Best Interest aims to be one of those teachers. 

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