winter emergency fund

A Wintry Emergency Fund Anecdote

We had a chilly experience in winter 2020. But thankfully, our emergency fund helped eliminate any stress from an otherwise bleak scenario.

how i invest

How I Invest

You asked, so here’s the answer. Let’s breakdown my investment accounts, asset class choices, and why I make those choices.

amazing people

Amazing People Everywhere

Admiration for celebrities is fine, but I’m convinced there are plenty of tools you can learn from the the titans you already know.

inventor of chess and rice

Chess, Rice…and Investing

Do you know how the inventor of chess was rewarded? The answer might help you retire early.

invested wallet

The Motley Fool Review

Most people do not have the time or knowledge to research every potential investment or find great individual stocks that are out there. But one option you have is to sign-up for The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor program.

Stock picking, “EMH,” and you

Think you can beat the market? Think again. Something called “EMH” makes stock picking much harder than you might think. But we have other options.